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Moving from a house to an apartment?

Updated: Jan 3

Are you or a loved one downsizing due to care needs? Here are some valuable tips.

So you’re moving to an apartment, what do you do with all your favourite things you can’t live without? Are your parents elderly and you are downsizing them? Sure you can’t take everything, but you probably can manage your/their most valued pieces. Admit it. We all have items that are precious to us and must be in the interior of our homes to make it home!

Firstly, decide what you’re able to afford as far as rent or mortgage. Then do an inventory of all things you wish to keep with you. If you are a pack rat…well…now is the time to go Cold Turkey and toss out some stuff…yard sale the good stuff…and save the best stuff for your new domain.

OK, I know you will be taking the major elements with you (like the couch and coffee table, kitchen table and bedroom furnishings). Keep this in mind when looking at your new space. Take measurements with you. Don’t assume it will fit. Measure the item length and width, height as well if needed. If you are older and need assistance ask one of your children or grandchildren to help you.

As you put the major elements into your new space, this is your chance to be an interior decorator yourself.

Put the biggest pieces first and on the biggest walls. Then bring in the small must-have items ( coffee and end tables, lamps and so on) Now just because you are used to things a certain way…break out of the box…or cycle, and change it up some. Move things around this way and that way. Which looks better?

When accessorising the room, group things together that match or would normally be seen together. Say you collect old radios and they are here and there. Bring them together in one room…now arrange them to complement each other on a bookcase or shelf. Same with anything that you find collectable…dolls…trains…or if you are brave enough glass things!

Now for the walls, Perhaps you can turn some loved things into wall decor. Put small things together in a shadowbox. Before hanging anything, arrange it on the floor or bed and see if it works together. Play around with it and be sure you want it where you put it. Measure from the ceiling to the desired height of the hanging area. This works great for pictures that need to be even horizontally. Space evenly to keep it uniform.

Hope this article was informative and helpful. Along with very helpful content in regards to caring for the elderly, we have lots of free articles on our website as well. They cover all areas of home improvement tips as well as interior decorating, gardening and landscaping! If you are bored, pull up my site and get busy making some changes in your home.!

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