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We provide Responsible Proactive Care, and hold ourselves to high standards.

About Us

Lead Care Services Ltd comprises a highly skilled team of experienced carers, managers and a dedicated support team with over thirty years of combined experience. We deploy the best systems, efficient processes and a personalised touch to drive positive change.


As a team, we are united by a shared passion to deliver 'exceptional care in a responsive and dynamic way'. We promote dignity, privacy and respect for every individual and encourage your independence through a range of personal care, social care and housekeeping duties.


Traditionally, moving into a care home was the default option for individuals in need of care. However, thanks to significant medical advancements, over 90% of people in their later years can now enjoy the comfort and familiarity of staying at home, with regulated care services put in place.

LEAD CARE SERVICES: Pioneering Personalised Home Care as Your Preferred Choice
Fully Insured, HCC Regulated and CQC Compliant.
Pioneering Personalized Home Care as Your Preferred Choice

Vision / Mission Statement

  1. Deliver effective, consistent, high quality care.

  2. Treat our service users with the utmost respect.

  3. We strive to provide flexible, individualised care and support of the highest standard.

  4. Promote dignity, independence and choice.

In the past the elderly had to settle in care homes.

No 1:1 care and support.
No time for social care.
Limited family interaction and collaboration.

With a range of regulated home care service options, our team can work with you to ensure you get the right care in the comfort of your home.

Better collaboration and interactions with family and loved ones

Dedicated 1:1 care delivered in your own home

Social care at high priority

Contact Our Team for a Range of Care Options

Lead Care Services takes a holistic approach to health, addressing the emotional and social needs of our loved ones. It's more than just care; it's a genuine concern. 

Dan McLaughlin

Trust Pilot

My Dad never received Personal care from any of us, so we decided to try Lead Care, to support my Dad's personal care needs. We were all surprised as he was receptive from day one.

Miriam Loredo


The staff were all brilliant, friendly and always willing to help with whatever questions you might have, I will sure recommend Lead.

Abidemi Akinola


Looking for carers who promote dignity, privacy, self-respect and much more? Lead care services is a place to go. They are home care service agency with highly enthusiastic carers who enjoy what they.

Adriana Santos


Organisations We Work With

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